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Lunch Money

January 4th, 2008 at 10:54 am

I have been bringing my own lunch/bkfast for 2 WHOLE days now saving me at least $15 so far. This weekend we have to do a lot of cleaning of the house, laundry and cooking. We budget $50 per person fortnightly for grocery. I haven't really been grocery shopping this month and instead eating out of the pantry. We also have been incorporating fruits into our meals/snacks. I am not really a big fan of fruits unless they are the exotic types already peeled and cut up. But I have been buying them and peeling and cutting them up to grab and go. Hopefully we can stick to it. I want us to eat healthy balanced with enough servings of fruits and veggies everyday. Getting there slowly.

1 Responses to “Lunch Money”

  1. just me Says:

    I am usually really good about bringing my lunch, but today I was tired of leftovers so I went out to Jason's Deli. It was almost $10! Yikes, back to soup for me.

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